Carry out your sound project with the help of Sons de Barcelona

6 Mar 2009

The aim of this call is to activate, to promote, and to support works related to the sound sphere of the city of Barcelona and it is addressed to everybody interested in make their projects known. Send your proposal before April 3th to sonsdebarcelona@freesound.org

Read the rules.

The MTG started in 2008 the project Sons de Barcelona (Sounds of Barcelona) in order to offer to everybody a database of sounds of this city created in a collaborative way, with the contribution of the citizens themselves and integrated into the international project freesound.org, also from MTG. The sounds are recordings of acoustic environments of Barcelona or different sounds generated in very different ways by the users, and published under Creative Commons License (so they can be freely re-used again). The Sounds of Barcelona team conducts workshops addressed to different collectives in order to propagate the use of audio technologies, to teach how to take advantage of all their possibilities, and to awake an interest towards working with sounds.